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From an early age Ryan was attracted to, and even calmed by the rhythms and beats of a wide variety of music genres.  From classical to rock & roll, rap to doo wop, Ryan’s affinity for music is almost without limits.  Throughout his school years his search for pursuits of interest was wide-ranging, and if a board was involved (snowboarding, longboarding, skateboarding) he embraced it wholeheartedly.  Yet no matter the endeavor, the Siren call to music was always there, and it was not to be ignored or denied.


A self-taught pianist, Ryan was first attracted to the instrument in the second grade as he watched and listened to an exchange student who lived with his family play a tune that struck at him and stuck with him.  A challenging piece for even an accomplished pianist, Ryan taught himself to play it and in doing so, embarked on a journey that quickly became his passion … music.  But while he enjoyed listening to and playing music written by others, Ryan soon discovered that for him, creating music is far more fulfilling, as it allows for the expression of emotion and creativity that only one’s own creation can provide.


Ryan first broke into the industry when he received an internship with Global Dance Festival, where he had the good fortune to work closely with some amazing Backline Techs.  As he had done with the piano so many years before, he watched and listened closely, absorbing and learning everything he could.  Then, on New Year’s Eve of 2019/2020, he landed his first meaningful gig: he played in the lobby at the renowned Decadence Festival.  He followed this up by playing his first club the following March and was all set to continue his growth.  Then came the shutdown of 2020, which effectively curtailed all live shows, including several that Ryan had hoped to play..  Rather than lament the events (or, more accurately, the non-events) of 2020, however, he used what could have been lost time to work on his skill set and further hone his craft.  Not surprisingly, his efforts have paid dividends.  Moving forward, it’s all but certain that Ryan Kowitz will make his mark in the world of DJ-ing and music production.  If you’re not a fan today, get ready … -you will be.

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